There will be a number of Licensed Bars in the Arena that will be open for the duration of the Festival, from 2pm-10pm. Alcohol will only be supplied to persons over 18 years. Proof of Age will be required (Photo ID- Passport, Driving Licence etc). Any person who appears to be under 21 years of age will ask to provide ID. Any person attempting to supply alcohol to persons under 18 years of age will be ejected from the arena. Happy Days Festival promotes responsible drinking.

Drink inside the arena will be sold on a token based system, you can purchase these from our token stalls at the event. The token system operates a quicker Service, up to 20 times quicker than a traditional cash purchase, as there is no time spent with staff counting change (cash) or putting credit/debit cards through, waiting to use tills and there is less waiting in queues. Please note tokens are non refundable, so please buy conservatively.

This system is safer, more secure and quicker which leaves more time for you to watch the acts, enjoy the day, have fun and relax.

Please Note: No glass is allowed anywhere on site – no picnics are permitted.


There will be a wide variety of food available within the Arena. In addition, as part of our ‘Bespoke Packages’, we will be able to provide Private Catering.

For safety reasons, artist riders and insurance no food or drink can be taken inside the main festival site but don’t worry, we are happy to say we have great food units and fun bars at pre-set prices. We have gone to great measures to ensure that the food and drink supplied at our event is not only of great quality but very well priced.


Tokens will be required to purchase drink within the Arena. These tokens can be purchased from the token stalls inside the Main Arena. Please note tokens are non refundable and not valid for the After Party.



There is plenty of Car Parking Spaces available at the venue. There will be a charge of £5 (payable on arrival) for parking on each day of the event. There is a limited amount of Disabled Parking which is free.

Appoint a Designated Driver- Do not drink and drive !



There will be toilets located in and around the arena, with facilities for baby changing. Please remember toilets at festivals are a barometer of your behaviour – the more you respect and look after the toilets, the cleaner they will be.


There will be First Aid Points and Ambulance provided.

There will be a number of Fire Points and Fire Marshalls in the Arena.

In addition both Security & Marshalls will be available to assist you, should the need arise.



If you or any of your group have Special needs or Disability we would request you notify us prior to attending the event, in order that we can make necessary arrangements.

Happy Days Festival will provide disabled attendees, who are in receipt of middle or higher rate Disability Living Allowance (DLA), with 1 free ticket, for a personal assistant to accompany them at the Festival. We do ask that you provide us with evidence of DLA and provide us with full details of the personal assistant.


Happy Days Festival have a Noise Management Plan. As part of this we are offering Noise reducing ‘Ear Plugs’ to all persons attending and working at the event. The ‘Ear Plugs’ can be collected from the Happy Days Festival Office upon your arrival.

Additionally, please respect our neighbours and arrive / leave the venue quietly !


There will be bins located at the Arena, please do not litter. The Bins will be emptied frequently throughout the event. Happy Days Festival is commited to recycling, please dispose of your refuse in the correct bins.