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These Music Festivals Are Worth Traveling For (When Pandemic is Over)

These Music Festivals Are Worth Traveling For (When Pandemic is Over)

Most music festivals have been canceled for the year because of the coronavirus pandemic. But if decades of history have anything to say about it, these festivals will be back and better than ever in 2021.

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to get out and see the world, let one of the world-famous music festivals below be the reason you finally take the leap.

Green Man – Brecon Beacons, Wales

Green Man is Wales’ largest music festival. The landscape alone makes it worth the trip. The Usk River flows around the perimeter of the event while the Black Mountains serve as the backdrop to the Mountain Stage.

Green Man draws crowds every year with the promise of a lineup that will impress just about anyone. Performers of all types hit the stage – psychedelia, electronica, indie, Americana, folk, and more. There are also performers who bring comedy, literature, cinema, and more to the stage.

“For a truly unforgettable weekend, you will want to be sure to plan a trip to Green Man.” – https://theeducationtraining.com/

Boomtown – Winchester, UK

The minute you step foot into Boomtown, you will realize that it is so much more than just a music festival. Each year, the music festival transforms into an eclectic city, complete with secret hotels, hidden pathways, a job center, and more. You may find yourself struggling to grasp what is real and what isn’t. But that’s all part of the fun.

“People of all ages with varying tastes of music come together for this unique experience that you truly have to see to believe.” – https://happylifestyletrends.com

Benicassim – Benicassim, Spain

The Festival Internacional de Benicassim (FIB) or Benicàssim as it is commonly known, is the ideal combination of festival and holiday. The town of Benicassim is an idyllic getaway complete with a refreshing sea you can take a dip in. Just 20 minutes away is the world-famous festival with some of the best line-ups for fans of guitar music.

Music and festival lovers across the globe have begun to take notice. Since 2009, the festival has tripled its attendance.

“If you’re considering a trip to Spain, you will want to be sure to include this festival in your travel plans.” – https://purehomeimprovement.com/

Exit Festival – Novi Sad, Serbia

Exit Festival is unique in that the story of how it began is unlike most other music festivals. It was founded in 2000 as a student movement/protest to fight for democracy in Serbia.

“It has since been attended by over two million people who traveled from 60 different countries.” – https://theeducationjourney.com/

Exit Festival is held in a medieval fortress and uses 16 different stages to entertain all attendees. There is also a sports area, relaxation areas, a zip line, and a 3D dance area. It is far from the political event it once was but is still making waves across the world.

Outlook – Pula, Croatia

Beat freaks from across the globe will feel right at home in Pula, Croatia at the Outlook festival. This musical event is all about bass and beats, with the music playing all day and night. You can camp at the festival too and enjoy parties on the beach and boats there as well. If you are at all interested in history, you’ll especially like the fact that Outlook is held in a 2,000-year-old Roman amphitheater and an abandoned fortress.

NOS Alive – Lisbon, Portugal

NOS Alive is one of the best festivals in Europe and has everything a festival-goer could possibly want, right at their fingertips. There are stadium-sized bands and DJs, quality camping, a refreshing swimming pool, and a free shuttle service that makes it easier to get around. And of course, the food is delicious too.

Tomorrowland – Boom, Belgium

If you’re looking to go crazy alongside other EDM-loving festival-goers, Tomorrowland in Belgium is the place to be. For over a decade now, Tomorrowland has gathered some of the best DJs and electronic music makers from across the globe to make for the best and biggest party around.

There are 15 stages, huge disco balls, giant butterflies, tons of confetti, and volcanos. Does it really get any better than that?

Villette Sonique – Paris, France

There is a good chance France is already on your list of places to travel. If you are visiting Paris, you may want to plan your trip so that it includes Villette Sonique. This music festival is perfect for rock and electro-loving youngsters.

This popular festival is held in Parc de La Villette goes on for seven days, two of which include free outside concerts that tend to draw big crowds. Whether you stay for the whole week or not, just getting to experience a little of what Villette Sonique has to offer will give you memories to last a lifetime.

Coachella – Indio, USA

Coachella is one of the most famous festivals in the United States, partly because of the number of celebrities that attend each year. Coachella usually offers quite the lineup. Past performers include Beyoncé and Ariana Grande. You’ll have plenty of opportunities for Instagram-worthy snapshots, but it’s the music that is worth traveling, and staying, for.

Lollapalooza – Chicago, USA

Lollapalooza has been around since 1991. It was once a traveling festival but for over a decade now has remained in Chicago’s Grant Park. You’ll be mesmerized by the views of Lake Michigan and the Chicago skyline. Despite taking place on 300 acres, the incredible crowds leave little room for festival-goers.

Still, music lovers of all ages will enjoy the entertainment, foodies will devour the various offerings, and travelers will enjoy the world-famous location. Lollapalooza is a must for festival-goers who want to check the major ones off their list.

Casinos Are Becoming Go-To Spots for Music Events

Not all venues can handle the crowd-jumping, bass-bumping, and fan-screaming excitement of a musical event. Only select locations can accommodate a concert or music festival. Stadiums, parks, and even open fields have played host to these exciting events, but in recent years casinos have become the go-to location for the most popular music events.

While the coronavirus pandemic has caused many events to be postponed or even cancelled, there are still plenty of occasions for music and casino fans alike to look forward to. Below we’ve listed some of the best casinos in the world for music events so you can start to plan your next getaway. Or you could just launch Spotify and make your own little concert. If you want the full entertainment experience, you could register with an online casino and have fun from home.

SkyCity – New Zealand

The Skycity Casino Auckland is an entertainment complex in Auckland’s central business district. It’s still the only casino in Auckland, and it’s the second casino in New Zealand. There is also SkyCity online casino, probably the most famous online casino in New Zealand: https://www.skycitycasino.com

Along with the Sky Tower, there’s a 700-seat theatre, 23 bars and restaurants, and 3 hotels, one of which is opening in 2021. There’s also a casino that was last remodeled in 2006, with over 1,600 machines and over 100 tables. The casino also has VIP / high-stakes rooms with amazing music events.

Skycity’s casino was the second one in the country. At the time of its construction, it was controversial. Major figures like former Auckland mayor Dick Hubbard have remained critical of the casino, though he conceded that the complex itself has been good for the city. 

The Bellagio – Las Vegas

The Bellagio has long been considered one of the best casinos in the world. It shines on the Las Vegas strip as a must-see luxury resort that is just as famous for its incredible fountains as it is for what takes place its walls.

The Bellagio hosts some of the world’s best shows like Cirque Du Soleil as well as some of the biggest musical acts. And don’t forget about the hundreds of slots, table games, and poker tables available for your entertainment as well.

The Venetian – Macau, China

Macau was given the nickname “the Eastern Las Vegas” because of how popular playing casino games is there. Some of the biggest and best casinos in the world are in Macau, but none have earned quite the reputation as The Venetian. The Venetian in Macau is an architectural work of art with a huge area holding thousands of different games. Each year, dozens of events like music concerts and sports events are held here, making it a must-see for both gamblers and music fans.

The Empire – London

London has already made its way onto many people’s list of destinations, but The Empire is one stop you don’t want to pass up while you are there. The Empire is arguably the best casino in the United Kingdom, with two floors showcasing over 5,000 games. The ballroom alone is a spectacular beauty.

The Empire is a regular host of the World Series of Poker and routinely hosts other large events including concerts for big-name artists.

The Borgata – Atlantic City

If entertainment is what you seek, you really can’t go wrong with any of the casinos in Atlantic City. Still, The Borgata is easily the best for the ultimate entertainment experience. With the building lit up in violet, this casino stands out from the rest and grabs your attention before you even step foot through the doors. 

The Borgata offers over 3,000 slot machines and approximately 200 table games. The casino also routinely plays host to some great entertainment. If you haven’t yet, Atlantic City is a destination you must visit at least once in your life.

Caesars Palace – Las Vegas

Caesars Palace in Las Vegas is perhaps just as well-known for its music events as it is its gambling opportunities. Some of the most iconic performers to have taken the stage at Caesars Palace include Cher, Liberace, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Wayne Newton, Rod Stewart, Sting, Mariah Carey, and more. 

Winstar World Casino – Thackerville, Oklahoma

Winstar World Casino is the largest casino in the United States at approximately 600,000 square feet. It is owned and operated by the Chickasaw Nation and has been open since 2004.

Winstar World Casino is truly a gambler’s paradise. In addition to the giant casino, visitors can enjoy the Winstar Gold Club, the Winstar RV Park, and an entire area dedicated to professional bull riding. If you find yourself traveling across the middle of the United States, do yourself a favor and stop by this world-famous casino to see it for yourself.

Marina Bay Sands – Singapore

Marina Bay Sands was opened in 2010 and it has already made a name for itself as one of the best casinos in the world. This integrated resort with a built-in casino is home to some of the best entertainment in this part of the world. It also contains seven celebrity restaurants to take your dining experience to the next level.

The Casino in Marina Bay is approximately 200,000 square feet and contains over 600 gaming tables and 1,500 slot machines. There is also an Art Science Museum, Dragon Fire Boxing, and more.

Atlantis Casino & Resort – Paradise Island, Bahamas

Atlantis Casino and Resort in the Bahamas has the ability to accommodate the whole family, but it is especially good at giving high rollers the ultimate luxury experience. The Bridge Suites are some of the most expensive hotel rooms in the world and feature 22-karat gold chandeliers. There’s a gorgeous golf course on the beach, world-famous restaurants to dine in, and decadent spas staffed with professionals to who will cater to your every need. The world-famous concert hall has hosted big-name acts like Lady Gaga and Bruno Bars and the casino floor plays host to world-famous DJs.

Atlantis Casino and Resort is a regular getaway for celebrities and high rollers, but you don’t have to be famous to enjoy everything it has to offer. If you have been looking for an excuse to get away and spoil yourself, Atlantis Casino and Resort is the perfect place to make that happen.   

5 festivals that need to be on your bucket list

Sick of the quarantine? Thinking when the world will open up for concerts and festivals? A great way you can spend this free time is by creating a bucket list for all the upcoming festivals you need to attend once the lockdown is lifted:



Rewind is a must-attend festival for all those looking for a weekend getaway, and many were looking forward to attending it in July this year. In case you haven’t attended Rewind before, it’s your average festival with artists invited to perform, but it has a great history behind it. Dating back to the 1950s, it started from a single setting in Oxfordshire and is now held in three venues due to its popularity. It celebrates 80s music and invites the same artists/bands every year, including Kim Wilde, Rick Astley, Heaven 17, and many more.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, Rewind updated their website with a notice stating that it was not possible to reschedule the event this year at all, but the good news is that they already announced the dates for next year! Rewind Scotland will now be held on 23-25th July; Rewind North will be held on 6-8th August, and Rewind South will be held on 20-22th August, 20201. Tickets are available at £232 per person with unrestricted access for the entire weekend. You can find tickets here and expect sellers to contact you within seven days to confirm your purchase.



Godiva has been around since 1997, which was first held as a day-long event and then turned into a 3-day event in the following year. The music festival is held in the War Memorial Park in Coventry annually. But let’s not bore you with the history and dive into the festival’s updates.

Godiva hasn’t had the best luck in recent years. In 2019, the event organizers had to cancel acts due to safety concerns. BBC reported that certain people tried to enter the full tent and caused barriers near the stage to break; thus, creating the potential for injury. The event was scheduled to be held on 3-5 July in 2020 but was canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak. It was previously reported to be the best free music festival in the UK and only announced charges from 2019 onwards. No dates have been announced for 2021 yet, but keep a lookout for the announcement because if you’re on a tight budget, this is the festival for you. 2020 ticket prices for a 3-day pass were only£12 for those who availed the early bird discount and cost up to £6 for a one-day pass.



Victorius is a fairly new festival, considering that it was launched only a decade back in 2011. It’s held in Portsmouth each year with a great line up of artists owing to its popularity. If you were really looking forward to it, lucky for you, it is scheduled to go ahead as planned starting on 28th August and ending on 31st August 2020. This is, of course, subject to the situation in accordance with the pandemic as authorities are taking it each day as it comes, so there is no certainty as to whether it will be held this year or not. However, if you are optimistic, you can purchase a full weekend camping pass for £155. Without camping, it would cost you £20 less, and a one-day pass will cost you between £40-£50 depending on which day you go. The early bird tier 1 discount has ended, but you can subscribe to their newsletter and keep a lookout for the early bird discount tier 2 and 3. The lineup includes, among many others, Ian Brown and The Kooks on Friday, The Streets and Manic Street Preachers on Saturday, and Royal Blood on Sunday.



Houghton had the same luck as Godiva as the event was canceled last minute in 2019 due to extreme weather. However, currently, it is still scheduled to take place from 6-9th August if the government allows it. It is a strict 18+ event and provides a one-tier ticket only i.e. no preferential treatment for attendees that are willing to pay extra. This ticket will cost you £190 plus a compulsory fee of £12.55 for car parking and a vehicle pass. This includes access to all days, showering facilities, a guided art tour, wellbeing classes, and a complimentary festival program. However, it does not include camping, massages, or coach transfers. Resident Advisor is the only official ticket seller so you can get the best prices from them. The artist line up is a long list of sought-after names, which is available on the official website.

Green Man Festival


The Green Man Festival dates for 2020 are 20-23rd August. It’s been around since 2003 and held in Brecon Beacon, Wales, so it tends to attract a lot of tourists. If you’ve already purchased tickets, you’re in luck. The current lineup includes Little Dragon, Micheal Kiwanuka, Caribou, Mac Demarco, and many others. This is another affordable festival for all the students and millennials out there, but unfortunately, tickets and settler passes for the 2020 festival are officially sold out. However, you can look for resellers or attend it next year because they offer payments in installments, which is great because it won’t create a deep hole in your pockets.


When will the world open up for festivals and concerts again?

The current pandemic has brought the world to a complete stand-still, especially the music industry, as authorities and governments have banned large crowds and gatherings. What was considered entertainment before, concerts and festivals are now seen as some of the most dangerous places that could aid in the spread of the virus. Thus, some of the coolest music festivals to attend in 2020 have been postponed or canceled entirely. Unfortunately, what makes it worse is the uncertainty of the situation. Without a vaccine, authorities are forced to develop contingency plans up until 2021. According to the LA Times, the concert industry is expected to lose $9 billion in 2020 due to the pandemic.

The following is a complete list of some of the most awaited concerts and festivals all over the world that have been canceled or postponed:

Events canceled in the festival industry

The biggest festivals in the UK, including the 5-day Glastonbury event and Download, have been canceled, while the infamous month-long festival in London, Meltdown, has been moved to 2021. The same is the case with Coachella. The music and arts festival hosted in the US attracts celebrities and individuals from all over the world for a weekend of entertainment. It was previously scheduled to be held on March 10 but has now been postponed to begin on 9th October – that is if the situation improves by then. Similarly, the Tomorrowland Winter festival was scheduled to be held on March 5 and has now been canceled this year. Educational events like the Oxford Literary Festival were also postponed or canceled in countries all over the globe in an attempt to control the spread of the disease.

Events canceled in the concert Industry

Primavera Sound

Justin Beiber posted an official statement on Twitter regarding his Changes Tour set to begin on May 14, citing that reschedule dates would be announced later. Similarly, Luke Bryan delayed his album to debut in August while rescheduling his tour to start on July 10. However, currently, the situation remains grave with little to no hope of changing soon. Other singers like Camilla Cabello have canceled their entire world tours. The list of artists goes on as their managing teams have postponed all further events as per government notices. Even the iHeart music radio awards have been canceled as the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angles remains shut in an attempt to minimize crowds and contain the spread of the virus.

The predicted effect on industries

The question of when the world will open for festivals and concerts again remains unanswered. However, according to the governor of California, events within the state are likely to be pushed back a year or even more. California has so far one of the best responses to the coronavirus with the least number of deaths as compared to other states in the US. Similarly, Eric Garcetti, the mayor of Los Angles, announced that all sporting events, concerts, and other large gatherings are unlikely to be approved until next year. Healthcare experts are also backing these statements as Zeke Emanual, a bioethicist and professor of healthcare management from Chicago, stated that people shouldn’t expect concerts to resume until late into 2021.

Moreover, the increasing uncertainty is leading ticket holders to demand refunds from event managers as many paid hundreds of dollars to attend; thus, causing major losses to event organizers. Another debate that was brought up was whether it was safe to conduct events while maintaining social distancing measures along with protective equipment. While this was taken into consideration before, new research brought to light the fact that the virus can be transmitted through the air as well – making individuals and governments increasingly wary of events attracting crowds. This leads many to believe that social distancing measures will remain necessary in the near future even after lockdowns are lifted – especially without the presence of a vaccine. Some event managing companies plan to host events with a limited number of people wearing masks, gloves, and other protective equipment once restrictions and bans on events are removed as it will be a gradual process before life goes back to normal.

How industries can minimize the impact

Some industries like pharmaceutical, food, and those that rely on online business operations remain unaffected – with some even seeing a boom in sales as life has shifted to digital methods of communication. However, the music and entertainment industries were one of the hardest hit and will inevitably suffer severe losses as a result of this pandemic. Fortunately, there are some measures that businesses can take to remain profitable and come out of this crisis stronger:

Go Live

With the increasing competition of artists and labels in the industry, entertainers are expected to be more interactive and provide a more personal experience to fans in order to retain their loyalty. One of the most effective ways to do that is to go live on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.

The pandemic is forcing individuals to stay inside their homes; as a result, suicide rates have shot up in many parts of the world. Artists can use their love for music to connect with fans and help them get through this difficult time by hosting live shows on social media safely. They can also use this opportunity to host Q&A sessions with their fans as another fun way to kill time and increase interactiveness. This will help in increasing the goodwill of artists and labels and make sure fans remain enthusiastic about concerts and festivals in the upcoming year.

Offer Refunds

A huge debate about this issue has been circulating recently. Some events that have been postponed till October have not offered cash or ticket refunds so far in the hope that the situation will improve by then, and the event will take place. However, some attendees are demanding refunds on the basis that there is no certainty of whether the event will be held or not, and with the majority of British citizens facing unemployment, events and festivals are their last priority. In accordance with the UK government guidelines on lockdown, event ticket platforms like Ticketmaster have changed their terms to entitle ticket holders to full refunds of the face value of the ticket only if the event has been canceled. However, if ticket holders bought tickets from parties other than the official seller, they are not entitled to a refund. An event organizer’s job is to ensure those ticket holders receive refunds as soon as the event cancellation is confirmed or provide the necessary steps involved in attaining a refund. This puts customers at ease and creates long term trust, which will ensure that they purchase from the brand in the future as well. All industries, citizens, and governments are in this crisis together, but what differentiates organizations from one another is how they handle it to ensure long-term profits and relationships with customers. For now, both the music and entertainment industry will see a recession for the next year or so as 2021 is the earliest time they are expected to start up again, if not longer.

These Music Festivals Are Worth Traveling For (When Pandemic is Over)

The Coolest Music Festivals to Attend In 2020

Music is bringing the world together by hosting the biggest parties around the world. The music festivals like Tomorrowland, Coachella, and UMF have been legendary music festivals of all time. There are plenty of music festivals for you to attend this year, no matter where you live. Here are the top 7 coolest music festivals to attend this year.

Let It Roll

This festival will take place in a former military airbase outside of Prague Czech Republic on 30 July. This festival will host a 170bpm music party with heavy bass and drum music. The festival will continue for 4 days on 9 different stages. It cannot get any more badass than partying in a military airbase.



Coachella will be hosted in California from 10-12 April & 17-19 April in California. It is the biggest stage to host some of the biggest artists in the world. This festival features multiple genres of music, giant art structures, and your favourite artists.


Tomorrowland is a place for the world’s best DJs to play their music. It has existed for 13 years now and still remains one of the top dogs of the music festivals. Every DJ that the world has heard of has played once in this grand stage. People believe the whole experience of Tomorrowland is simply magical. This year, it will be conducted on from 17-19 July & 24-26 July in Boom, Belgium.

Montreux Jazz Festival

If you want to attend the oldest music festival on this list, the book your tickets for Montreux, Switzerland from 3-18 July to enjoy the best quality music from talented artists. This festival is held every year since 1967 and artists like B.B. King, David Bowie, Bob Dylan, and Queen have played here. The whole Montreux city has multiple venues for artists to play.

Montreux Jazz Festival


Dekmantel will take place from 31 July to 4 August in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It is a long festival which offers enough time for you to enjoy listening to your favourite DJ. It is a festival of choice for those who look forward to the next big thing in music.

Primavera Sound

Primavera South is a beloved music festival of Spain which hosts a grand stage for all kinds of music genres. If you are open to all genres of music and want to attend a festival which gives a little of everything, then this festival is for you. The festival will take place from 4-6 June in Barcelona, Spain.

Hellfest Open Air Festival

This list cannot be complete without a grand rock festival. From metal to punk rock, Hellfest hosts it all. It is one of the most loved metal and rock music festival which attracts the metalheads from around the world. This year, Hellfest will be conducted in June, Clission, France.



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